Zekr Software

Facilitate the employment and search of Quran verses to compile a scientifc work. Various problems in writing scientific works ar featured by a author, student or who is writing the ultimate task along with his scientific work about the verses of the Qur’an.

This condition in nowadays will be with them for them, them means is straightforward to urge the verses of the Qur’an thatia in serch with the presence of sifware package done by the devevelopers of data technology that offer their sttention in programming.

Of course, the program is predicted to support the faciliries that the scholars and students in scripting this is expounded to the spfware package that’s compatible supportid the aim or writing that’s fascinating. The authors see that several may be confused by every student to facilitate the craftsmanship of his scientific work. With the study of the verses of the Qur’an. that is mostly ransacking though the manual for these day it take time. however victimisation ” Zekr” sofware enough to offer the search. We can get he sofware on the “Zekr” page directly. Friends will move to the page grease thet the author told that’s the page software package shich will facilitate use wuthin the explore for verses search writing. You get here: zekr.org

Hopefully can help. Good Luck.

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